• Group Therapy

    Group therapy is a highly effective therapy modality. Unlike individual therapy, the client not only receives professional feedback from the counselor but also benefits from the collective experience of the group, as well as insights from individual group members. As a member of a therapy group, you have the opportunity to be helpful to others, as well as reinforce in yourself the skills and ideas needed to meet your goals. 

    Current Groups:

    Loss, whether sudden or not, shakes a person to their being. Getting through the day can seem impossible. Everything is different because that loved one is gone. Group therapy allows you the guidance of a therapist with the support of others going through a similar experience. To find out more information, please call or email.

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    Panic can be debilitating as well as embarrassing. In this group, you will learn about what panic is and what it is not. You will develop skills to decrease it's symptoms

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