• Substance Abuse and Addictions Services

    Nothing can tear a person or a family apart more than the abuse of drugs and alcohol. A fellow practitioner once told me a long time ago what his definition of an alcoholic (or drug addict) was: He said “if you or someone who loves you has a problem with your drinking (or drug use) and you do not change it, then you are an alcoholic (drug addict)”

    Substance User

    I offer individual and group therapy for the drug/alcohol abuser which includes education and psychotherapy. Whatever your goal, to reduce or completely stop the use of mind altering substances, we will together address the issues you are facing so you can achieve the life you want.

    Loved Ones

    Someone once asked who was the most disturbed; the drug abuser/alcoholic or the one that stays in the relationship with them despite continued use? I offer individual, family and group therapy to the loved ones of drug and alcohol abusers. In addition, Children of all ages are subject to the distress that occurs in a substance abusive family. I offer individual and group counseling services for them.