• Online Therapy Sessions

    For many people, it can be difficult to schedule an in-person counseling session. Busy schedules, frequent travel, rural residence, military duty, long-distance relationships, childcare issues, anxiety, physical limitations, or limited transportation are a few of the many possible barriers to seeking help. I offer online sessions to make counseling more feasible for my clients. Research has shown that distance counseling, whether through online video or telephone, can be just as effective as face-to-face counseling.

    For residents of New York and Pennsylvania you can arrange for a secure and HIPAA compliant therapy session by clicking on this link: Breakthrough

    Here are some of the necessary requirements for online video sessions:

    • Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
    • Internet connection or wireless network
    • Privacy (such as an office or bedroom room where you can be alone, without interruption)
  • “Making therapy a priority is a necessary part of the practice, however with never ending commitments and packed schedules it’s sometimes difficult to do. Having therapy sessions via video chat makes it easier to fit sessions into a packed schedule. The work is as meaningful and deep and transformative virtually as it is in the office!” — Anna, client in weekly online therapy for 2 years